Mar 5, 2007

Black with White Pearl Ribbon and Earrings Set

This is a necklace and earrings set made with black facted beads and white pearls. It is crocheted on silver wire and has a heart toggle clasp. The pearls run througout the necklace and add a unique touch.


Sarah Corbin said...

Very pretty . . . I'm excited for you to have your own little business too . . .it's fun, isn't it? How has yours been going? To you have a shopping cart based site? Good luck beading =)

Tracy said...

Your necklaces are beautiful. How much do you sell your sets for?

April D. said...

ooh! i love your jewelry! isn't it fun to see things you've made like that. that's what keeps me crocheting i think. :) you asked how i do the stripes. and i have no method. i just randomly change the color at the end of a row when i want another color. there is a cool website i use for patterns lately if you just google crochet patterns it's the first one that pops up. it has so many helpful tutorials as well. right now i'm working on a zigzag baby blanket. but for this one i have to change the color evenly so it's more complicated when you have to count the rows.